One Flew Over The Cuckoo 's Nest

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a novel written by Ken Kesey. The book was published in 1962, by Signet, an imprint of New American Library. The book itself has 325 pages total, and rather than being divided into chapters, it is divided into sections. As a result of this, I doubled the required number of questions needed for the study guide section of this project, and based them off of each specific section. This book tells the story of how a troublemaker named Randle McMurphy, a man who fakes a mental illness to get out of a work camp would join a mental hospital and change it forever. It is told from the perspective of the son of an Indian Chief, Bromden, another patient at the mental hospital, who also fakes his illnesses…show more content…
To further prove this, McMurphy claims he’ll be able to make Nurse Ratched snap within a week’s time. Initially, McMurphy’s rebellious attitude only causes disruption and amusement for the patients. However, over time, the patients start to see McMurphy’s point, and decide to rebel against Nurse Ratched with him. He formulates a plot to get her to lose her calm by turning on the television to the World Series passed the allowed television schedule. She responds to this by cutting the power from the TV. However, this is exactly what they wanted, and despite turning off the TV, they choose to protest by sitting blankly and staring at the blank screen anyway. As a result of this, Ratched throws into a fit of anger, revealing her true nature: That all she really wants is control. Ratched punishes all of the other patients except him, hoping to reveal that he is a coward before everyone, but to no avail. After he finds out that his life is essentially in the palm of Nurse Ratched’s hands, he steps down and acts less rebellious. That changes, however, when one of his fellow patients rebels against Nurse Ratched over cigarette rationing, and he receives no support from McMurphy. Feeling betrayed, he later commits suicide by drowning himself in a pool. After this unfortunate event, McMurphy then realizes how influential he is in the eyes of the patients, and must step up now, despite recently learning the risks he will be taking - the possibility that

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