One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Language Analysis

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The book by Ken Kesey one flew over the cuckoo’s nest should banned from the high school curriculum because it includes bad language, drugs are involved to control the patients at the ward, and crimes are committed.
Bad language is often mentioned in one flew over the cuckoo’s nest and some of the bad words are very inappropriate. McMurphy promotes bad language in the ward. He influences everyone in the ward to change. When Ruckly gets really mad because they are teasing him with his wife Ruckly says “F-----k da wife! And passes out on the spot from the effort.” (Kesey page 21) There is also another section where the bad language is inappropriate. When Harding is speaking he says “Oh the b---h, the b---h,” he whispers through his teeth.” (Kesey
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McMurphy breaks the rules at the ward and he creates violence among the patients and the nurses. Some of the patients in the ward start to rebel and to control them they give the patients pills and even preform shock therapies. “She looked surprised and said she didn't see that there was any reasons why not and gave him some pills the size of birds’ eggs.” (Kesey page 246) McMurphy rebelled and the nurse said to him “Agreed with the staff that it might be beneficial that he receive some shock therapy-unless he realizes his mistake.” (Kesey page 235) At the end of the story Chief kills McMurphy. “While I mashed the pillow into his face.” (Kesey page 270) Chief kills McMurphy not because he didn’t like him but because he didn’t want McMurphy to suffer.
Even though most teenagers often hear bad language in school and out of school, most of the words that were used in one flew over the cuckoo’s nest have been heard before in the high school hallway. Sometimes when a group of friends is talking in the hallway all you hear in their conversation is a bad word in almost every sentence and its surprising how they can’t go one sentence without cursing. Since they have been cursing for so long they don’t think about what they
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