Essay on One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Character Comparisons

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Out of the four characters listed in this film, the one character that does not exhibit pretense is Billy. We first see Billy as a nervous, shy young boy with a speech impediment. Billy has weird relationships with women; he likes women and enjoys the company of them but is fearful of the women that are most close to him. Billy’s mother and especially Nurse Ratched are the women he is most afraid of. Nurse Ratched has a personal relationship with Billy’ mother, she has a special motherly power that she only has on Billy and not the other patients in the hospital. She can control him into doing stuff he doesn’t want to do because, Billy is afraid that Nurse Ratched will tell his mother about his…show more content…
That’s the one time the other patients thought Mac was crazy for believing that he could do such a thing. The Chief’s exhibit’s his pretense throughout the movie to every character but Mac. The other patients and nurses see The Chief as a dumb, deaf, and mute Indian. We as the audience know that not to be true. The Chief is quite the opposite as what others see him as, has the ability to talk and listen but chooses not to do those things because he doesn’t want to be disturbed by the other nurses in patients in the institution. The most evident scene supporting this is at the end of the movie. When The chief sees Mac after he’s been labotimized, he suffocates Mac with a pillow. He did that because he knows Mac will never be the same person as he once was and he doesn’t want the other patients to see what Mac has become. The Chief understood the importance of What Mac stood for to the other patients. He then executes Mac’s previous plan of escape by lifting up the hydrotherapy console then throwing it through the window. Nurse Ratched’s pretense was the hardest one to identify. We see her as the head nurse in the institution and controls every worker and patient in it. Her desire is that things go her way and only her way and has complete power, and runs the institute more of a dictatorship. We all see Nurses universally as good people that help others in need. But I think that Nurse Ratched did more bad than
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