One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

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There are three major conflicts in the novel, One Flew Over The Cuckoo 's Nest, by Ken Kesey. Both internal and external in nature their causes, effects, and resolutions are explored in great detail.

The cause of the conflict between Mac and Ratched begins immediately. As soon as McMurphy enters the ward he shows his individuality. He 's loud, brassy and the chief says, "He sounds big." McMurphy publicly introduces himself and stands out from the rest of the men. He shows that he wont be controlled. Ratched wants and expects complete control. She refers to Mac as a, "Manipulator," who will, "…use everyone and everything to his own end. Ironically Ratched is also a Manipulator. Miss Ratched chooses the orderlies to control them, she
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The resolution of Mac 's conflict is when he attacks Miss Ratched and knows that he has lost in a way but on his own terms. In another way he wins because he shows to the men that Miss Ratched was nothing but a women.

The conflict that Chief has with himself is a very intense one. Unlike the other two this one is emphasized from the begin of the book and is only resolved at the very end of the novel. The cause of his internal conflict begins when he is a little boy on his Indian territory. The white man comes on his father 's land and insult the Indians right in front of Chief.

The novel starts off with chief already deep in his own fog. He even says that he might eventually get lost in the fog forever. Chief 's first major loss is when McMurphy is humiliated in front of the ward, by Miss Ratched, about staining of the glass. When ever McMurphy looses to Ratched or seems to be down Chief goes into fog.

When McMurphy cannot lift the control panel and looses his bet against the guys Chief is completely lost in his fog because after this Mac has lost three time in a row to Ratched or the combine. Chief sees the trouble Mac has to lift the control panel and finally gives up, the control panel, to chief, is
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