One Glaring Issue In Healthcare Is The Substantial Increase

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One glaring issue in healthcare is the substantial increase in healthcare spending over the past 25 years. The United States encountered a 5.3 increase in spending alone last year equating to over $3 trillion overall (Roberts, 2015). “Price transparency might have the single biggest effect in informing the public about health care costs and could support a more efficient health care delivery system in the United States.” There is a large number of people becoming increasingly more curious about the price of their healthcare and fully understand that more expensive care does not necessarily equate to better care. What people still are having a hard time realizing is that healthcare prices vary significantly between providers and facilities…show more content…
Health systems, providers and payers need to better align to ensure consistencies in the continuum and cost of the healthcare delivery system. Having this alignment will allow for better delivery overall of healthcare services. Problem Statement: If one were to go to any typical consumer retail website, they would have the opportunity to search for the product and deal that works best for them, but unfortunately in healthcare, that is a limited option. There are few public websites that share average costs for ancillary services, but there are still large discrepancies in the total costs of procedures. This is because many individuals do not fully understand the complexities of hospital rates and reimbursements, especially those that are uninsured and have to pay out of pocket. For these uninsured patients, states have tried to enact price transparency laws to allow patients to shop for care and alleviate potential price discrimination. An example of the of a state that enacted this is California where hospitals must provide a price estimate to a requesting uninsured patient and cannot bill for an amount greater than the reimbursement the hospital would receive from a government payer (Farrell). There are also large variations of list prices across hospitals even within a particular state which can cause patients to wonder why their neighborhood hospital billed them more than twice the amount for a given procedure than
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