One Man 's Cry Out

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One Man’s Cry Out Members of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, including Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., participated in a campaign against racial segregation and economic injustices in Birmingham, Alabama. On April 12, 1963, King and nearly 50 other protestors and civil rights leaders were arrested on a Good Friday for an ordinance violation. The movement was one of nonviolence: however, it was the intent to use confrontational tactics to give awareness of the Blacks’ opposition of the laws that they felt were unjust. It was the intent of King to provoke mass arrests and create a situation of negotiation. Shortly after King’s arrest, a friend smuggled in a copy of a Birmingham newspaper, which included an open letter written by eight local Christian and Jewish religious leaders, which criticized both the demonstrations and King himself. This sparked King to write this noted letter. Thrown into solitary, King was initially denied access to his lawyers or allowed to contact his wife. President Kennedy had to get involved. Without notes or research materials, King was inspired to create a letter that would touch the hearts and souls of man as well as provoke direct action. After being jailed, SCLC strategist, James Bevel, changed the campaign to include children and young adults. This campaign got national attention when the Birmingham Police Department led by Eugene “Bull” Conner used high-pressure water jets and police dogs against protestors and the…
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