One Minute Manager Essay

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The One Minute Manager One Minute Manager is a short story written by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. The story is about a young man who is in search of an effective manager because not only did he want to work for one but he is also wanted to become one. His search for this ideal manager took him to many places and made him interact with a lot of different individuals. He wasn’t pleased with what he encountered and he began to notice that most of the people he interviewed would fall into two categories: those who were interested in results and those were interested in people meaning their employees. He continued his search until he began to hear amazing stories about a manager that lived nearby. The young man met with this…show more content…
A one minute manager manages themselves and the people they work with so that both the organization and people can benefit from their presence. These types of managers set precise and clear goals, let their employees know when they are doing good, and also inform the employee on what they did wrong as soon as it occurs. All of this is done in a short period of time but it creates long term effects. Individuals who are one minute managers have time to think and plan. They also can maintain a healthy lifestyle and do not have to go through the emotional and physical stress other managers have to subject themselves too. Departments with this type of manager have fewer costly personnel turnover, less personal illness, and less absenteeism which is great for the organization. These three tactics are One-Minute goals, One- Minute praising, and One-Minute Reprimands. Passing it on to others is also key to help other understand and improve the business world that lacks effective managers.
One Minute goal setting is the first step and foundation of One Minute management. During this step the manager must clear what the employee’s responsibilities are and what they are held accountable for. An employee’s goal should be expressed in no more than 250 words. The manager and employee should each keep a copy so they can periodically check the progress. One minute goals settings should only
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