One More Time How Do You Motivate Your Employees

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The purpose of this article is to bridge the gap between knowledge and speculation about what motivates employees and what should be done for the development of the organisation. Many difficulties exist with moving employees to action. The quickest way to get an employee to do something is to ask, but if the person declines, the next solution is to give them a kick in the pants (KITA). However, there are problems with KITA and motivation. The employee, of course, does move when the KITA is applied, whether it is physical or psychological, but KITA does not lead to motivation, it only leads to movement. If an employee needs no outside stimulation, then he or she wants to do it.
The author Herzberg elaborates nine of the KITA practices
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The dissatisfaction factors are company policy & administration, supervision, relationship with supervisor, working conditions, salary, peer-relationship, personal life, status, and security.
The motivation-hygiene theory proposes that work must be enriched to successfully motivate the employees. Job enrichment provides the opportunity for growth. Job enrichment must be vertical job loading and not horizontal job loading. Horizontal loading consists of challenging the employee to increase production amounts, thus adding tasks to the existing one and making it more complex. Vertical job loading could be removing controls while keeping accountability and introducing new and more challenging tasks which are not previously handled. According to Herzberg, Job enrichment needs to be a continuous management function.
Herzberg provides steps at the end of the article that managers should follow to implement his motivation-hygiene theory. He says that jobs should be selected on the basis of enrichment and motivation. Brainstorming should be done through client relationship rather than hierarchical and one should be willing to reorganize the jobs. Generalities, Job Dissatisfaction aspects and Horizontal Loading should be avoided. While enrichment, the direct involvement of the employees whose jobs are enriched should be avoided. The design has to be tested on pilot groups and
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