One Nations Addiction to Supermarket Monoculture Essay

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Throughout the years there has become an ever increasing gap in knowledge in multiple aspects of life. One of the most ever present has been a lack in agricultural knowledge and a growing dependence on corporations and supermarket monoculture to feed the masses. Each new generation has been coming up with new health and fitness issues that could be caused by the new form of supermarket monoculture. Every individual must take responsibility for their actions in this food knowledge crisis and start the change because each step towards a greater understanding and home grown foods will reap benefits in our countries lifestyles. There seems to be an ignorance surrounding this issue and when asked most people deny its…show more content…
Sadly a larger proportion of individuals reach for the potato chips and other processed foods. While this may not seem like a big deal, the children of those individuals who watch reach for those foods with each trip to the store begin to pick them up themselves. This causes an issue within the emerging generation. It is believed that more agricultural teachings in schools would help to get families to eat more fruits and vegetables. A study done by Meinen and Friese (et al.) studied how increased interaction with gardens increased the likelihood of children to try new fruits and vegetables. In this study 28 schools were chosen and randomly assigned to receive a garden or to be a control. Of the schools that received a garden most of the students had both a greater understanding of agriculture and how to grow their own food as well as were choosing fresh fruit over potato chips more often than not. Perhaps the most shocking result of the experiment that parents of these students noted was that their children were more likely to try something new, some even asked to get fruits from the supermarket (Meinen 2012). While this is one step in the correct direction it is not completely there, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in fear of what could happen without it. There are many arguments given to why students need more

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