One Of The Greatest Ah-Ha Moments Of This Class Was When

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One of the greatest ah-ha moments of this class was when I put into words the correlation between a dancer mentored by their coach and a student working beside an effective teacher. Teaching is a work of art; a dance that is carefully choreographed between teacher and student. Both dancers are aware of the dance they want to perform, yet in order to truly experience the depth and magnitude of the dance, they must break down the steps into perfectly timed moves. The dancers strive to execute their moves with precision in order to achieve their highest personal best. Those involved understand that practice and rehearsal are the tools to mastering the complex parts; making them stronger and prepared for more complicated dances in the…show more content…
This “hidden curriculum” of teaching is on-going and essential to the learning process. We are always modeling, teaching, guiding, fostering, probing, and inspiring learning! Additionally, educators assume the responsibility for empowering students to become deeper thinkers and stakeholders in their own learning. We acknowledge that curriculum is much more than factual regurgitation of knowledge, yielding only lower level thinking skills. The complex job market will be filled by employers looking for individuals who can provide both an analytical interpretation of information and the demonstrate the ability to be results driven.
School reform pushes school systems to evaluate their current teaching practices. Policies and teaching mandates are making hefty demands on teachers and students, as we increase rigor and complexity of tasks. The scope of the content covered in our classrooms has been narrowed, but deepened. Students are being asked to master critical concepts to be able to hypothesize, analyze, and apply their learning to real world problems. Teachers are being asked to become masters of their content, skillfully identifying instructional moves that help students gain new understandings. This shift in pedagogy has educators moving away from traditional teacher centered instruction and move toward student-oriented learning activities. Teaching decisions are anchored to state standards, updated curricula,

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