One Of The Important Issues To Ensure The Safety Of A Ship

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One of the important issues to ensure the safety of a ship in the case of a gas leak is the condition of air flow inside the fuel cell stack package. Poor air flow increases the risk of fire or explosion by accumulating leaked gas in one place. Against this backdrop, the installation place for a ventilating fan and its capacity should be properly decided to make the air flow smooth inside the package, and an alarm unit and gas detector should be installed at the proper place to detect gas leak. In this study, we report the characteristics of air flow inside the stack package to ensure the safety in the case of a gas leak for the 300 kW MCFC stack package model ships by applying CFD techniques. aimed at the places where leaked gas…show more content…
These days, many shipping firms are adopting liquefied natural gas (LNG) as marine fuel in an attempt to replace conventionally used HFO as a marine fuel. Such a trend to use LNG in the ship considers to safely utilize Boil off Gas (BOG), and as one of the options, application of fuel cell to the ship are being considered [5,6]. Fuel cells (FCs), energy storage systems (ESSs), wind power, and sunlight have received significant attentions as environment friendly energy sources for green vessels in the future [7]. Among these, FCs have strong potential as an alternatives to traditional marine propulsion power plants owing to their high efficiency, easy modularization, multi-fuel flexibility, and environmental friendliness [8,9]. In addition, FCs can essentially offer a silent and vibration free operation, reducing the needs for noise insulation of machinery. In particular, high-temperature molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFCs) have various advantages for eco-ships, because they achieve the system efficiency of more than 80% with negligible air pollutant emissions, when used as the waste heat. Furthermore, it may be highly efficient economically for gas transport ships to utilize fuel such as LNG and liquefied H2 carriers, since MCFCs can use the BOG emitted from the LNG ship [10,11]. However, developments of MCFC green ships are still in a primitive

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