One Of The Most Controversial Topics That Question What

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One of the most controversial topics that question what is legal and also moral that has been debated is assisted suicide, sometimes known as “voluntary euthanasia”. Assisted suicide is suicide with the aid of another human being, typically a doctor. The word "euthanasia", comes from Latin "eu" for "good" and "thanatos" for "death" (OCRT 1). Many people in this country are existing in a "living death", suffering on a day to day basis. The Declaration of Independence ensures three basic human rights to all Americans: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Having to live and suffer through terrible pain whether it be physical, emotional or psychological goes against the those three rights in different ways. Having a terminal illness is…show more content…
He believed that suicide (and assisted suicide) violated one 's natural desire to live, harms other people, and that life is God 's gift to give and take (OCRT 2). Not all religions are against suicide, either. Hinduism promotes the taking of one 's own life instead of living with dishonor (Flanders 49). Whatever a religion may offer as it 's conviction about suicide, the adherents of that religion don 't generally maintain that belief. At Masada, for instance, an organization of intensely religious Jews known as Zealots held off Roman intruders for two years. When it ended up plainly clear that annihilation was unavoidable, their pioneer persuaded the staying nine hundred and sixty of them to confer suicide (Flanders 5). And Michel de Montaigne, a Christian author living in France in the mid sixteenth century composed five papers contending that suicide involves individual decision, and it is a practical choice under a few conditions (OCRT 1). The American support of active euthanasia has been seen in national organizations and polls. In a nation-wide Gallup poll in April, results showed that a majority of seventy five percent of all Americans allowing doctors to end the lives of the terminally ill (Van Biema 60). In fact, studies show that one fifth of all doctors have actively helped to end a patient 's life (Van Biema 61). Now imagine how many other doctors passively helped to end the life of a patient, or how many doctors did not take the
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