One Of The Most Distinctive Catholic Beliefs Is, “Human’S

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One of the most distinctive Catholic beliefs is, “human’s exist in relation to a Triune God.” In this claim, the Triune God is made up of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father is also known as the creator; he created the Earth and humanity. The Son is Jesus, the son of God. While the first two are commonly well known, the importance of the Holy Spirit often goes unknown or forgotten. The Holy Spirit has several jobs; he is a teacher, a reminder, and a guide. He works to open one’s eyes to the word of God, and to help one see what God wants them to see. In addition, he reminds one of what they have learned during times of need, helping them to make smart decisions. He helps one to make wise choices that reflect God’s perfect…show more content…
Furthermore, Day claims that this exercise helps one to grow and reassures that they are on the “right path.” Being on the “right path” means they are following God’s will and are acting more like Jesus. This is also an example of the Holy Spirit’s presence, since the Holy Spirit is responsible for guiding humans to righteousness. Similarly, Shusaku Endo’s novel, Silence, describes a lesson taught by the Holy Spirit. In the novel, Rodrigues is on a spiritual journey, trying to understand his faith. However, it isn’t until he apostates that he understands his relationship with God. “He loved him now in a different way from before. Everything that had taken place until now had been necessary to bring him to this love. ‘Even now I am the last priest in this land. But Our Lord was not silent. Even if he had been silent, my life until this day would have spoken of him” (Endo 191). This quote shows that Rodrigues is now able to view his struggle as a test from God. The Holy Spirit works as a teacher and a guide to allow Rodrigues to arrive at this conclusion. By leading him to apostatize, the Holy Spirit pulls him in closer to his faith. Throughout the novel, Rodrigues keeps questioning his faith, wondering why God is remaining silent while his followers are suffering. However, in the end, Rodrigues is able to see that God was not being silent, but he was forcing him to question his faith, so he can gain a stronger and

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