One Of The Most Pivotal Moments In The Mongol Conquest

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One of the most pivotal moments in the Mongol conquest of the Middle East involved Mongol relations with the Ismâ’îlîs, an offshoot group of Shia Muslims who were commonly and most popularly referred to as the Assassins. Recent scholarship has since emphasized the Mongol conquest of the Ismâ’îlîs and that this conquest came as a result of an assassination attempt on the Mongol khan Möngke. In light of this historiography that seems to give importance to the Mongol impact on the Ismâ’îlîs, notably its destruction, the question of an Ismâ’îlî impact on the Mongols likewise has historical benefits. By examining the relations of the Mongols and the Ismâ’îlîs prior to, during, and following the destruction of the Assassins, an evaluation of the…show more content…
And maybe most undervalued was the voice of William of Rubrick, a European who was a part of the Order of the Friars Minor, who’s writings will be useful in getting an outside perspective of the relations between the Mongols and the Assassins. It is the understanding that the Mongol destruction of the Ismâ’îlîs was completely justified due to the failed assassination attempt on Möngke. Timothy May disproves of this in favor of a relationship that leans more towards alliance, but there are errors present in his work that are worth noting and taking into account of the issue. However, there is a lot of validity to May’s argument for reasons that will be explained in this essay. The issue of a Mongol-Ismâ’îlî alliance should also be explained as a bit complicated, as the amount of sources related to such an issue is minimal. That being said, the thesis of this paper will align with that of May in his article. I submit that May’s evidence is indeed correct in supporting the notion that some sort of relationship existed between the Mongols and the Assassins. This can best be explained by examining the reasons why the conquest came when it did as well as looking at why certain Mongol or Assassin leaders acted in an appeasing manner. However, despite May’s argument holding a lot

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