One Of The Most Recognizable Artists Of All Time For His

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One of the most recognizable artists of all time for his post-impressionist work came from Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh was born in Groot Zundert, Holland on March 30th, 1853, brought to life from a pastor as a father which immediately placed Van Gogh into a religious setting and created a cultural surrounding. Van Gogh was what some would say as “soft” during childhood, making him very emotional that set his downfall of zero confidence and could not find his place in the world. As a child, Van Gogh could never really find his place among the other kids and community, always living in the shadows away from the crowd, is what some say started his visions for his paintings. Van Gogh’s father always pursued him into the career of religion, as…show more content…
This would be Van Gogh’s strong suit when it came to painting. The Potato Eaters consisted of five figures surrounding a table at dinner time, four females and one male. Random characteristics littered the painting especially when it came to facial gestures, sensing off of a more bleak poverty look. Using dark colors to a light center, he was able to concentrate the looker towards certain areas of his painting. Van Gogh would then head to Antwerp where he would consume many Japanese prints and that was where he would embrace the work of Rubens, only to idolize for his works of art. Around the time of 1886, Van Gogh would journey to Paris to meet up with his long-lost brother named Theo who was ironically the manager of a gallery called “Goupil’s.” Arriving in Paris was one of the stepping stones to Van Gogh’s career, as he would soon meet and analyze the work of Cormon, Gauguin, Pissaro and the ever popular Monet. Now that Van Gogh has analyzed and researched his fair share of artworks and artists that were based off of impressionism, Van Gogh would then try to join the ranks and create his own stunning masterpieces. Impressionism at the time was a summary of lightening the dark aspects of the artwork, letting things jump. Short brushstrokes were a necessity in this line of work, but Van Gogh would soon learn that we would never be able to mimic such impressive work, but

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