One Of The Most Significant Characteristics Of Tantra

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One of the most significant characteristics of TANTRA (origin 5th century CE) is the fact that it does not require the ordinary householder to renounce the world by giving up our body, our family, our material possessions, our job, even our pleasures. Instead it accentuates personal experimentation and experience as a way to improve/advance on the path of Self-realization without having to become a monk or swami. TANTRA breaks new yoga because it was/is available for everyone without any type of discrimination. TANTRA rejected the classical patriarchal cast system and exclusive Brahmanic orthodoxy in which only men and higher cast where suitable for the practice. TANTRA is all inclusive. TANTRA does not exclude social classes, gender,…show more content…
It is through this precious human life and birth that we can free ourselves from ignorance and see how things really exist. From Sanskrit: TAN = To expand, TRA= tool, instrument. TANTRA can be seen as a technology or tool for expansion of consciousness and alertness. TANTRA does not reject our objects of attachment or life conditions, but transforms how we relate to them. This is what makes this practice so compelling today. For example, our inner attitude towards money doesn’t have anything to do with the money we have. Under TANTRA’s view, there is nothing wrong about having money or enjoying life, or being tall/short, or fat/thin, or being married/single, or being employed/unemployed.., but whatever the circumstances, the attitude should be of detachment and equanimity, then a sense of freedom arises. So the world and our conditions become an ally instead of a hindrance in our spiritual development. In TANTRA there are two realities; SHIVA and SHAKTI, SHIVA representing the total matter or the absolute and SHAKTI representing the total energy or creative power. In TANTRA all reality can be divided on what we can see (visvamaya) and what is beyond (visvottirna). To experience the ultimate reality we need to dissolve the notion of duality in our consciousness. We need to become one from two.
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