One Of The Platforms We Decided To Use For Targeting “Old

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One of the platforms we decided to use for targeting “Old Glories” was print advertisements in magazines. Our goal was to keep the print simple but interesting. Silver Cruises is nice but not over the top; this is one of the reasons we picked the name silver instead of gold. Old Glories live comfortably but aren 't the wealthiest of people. We added a coupon offer in our print advertisement to try and incentivize this group of people to try it.

In the print advertisement we sample just a small taste of what Silver Cruises has to offer. It showcases adventure and relaxation. We added a photo of our actual cruiseship in extoic waters, a photo of one of the rooms, and pools offered aboard the ship. We wanted the ship to have a contemporary
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With our audience, often being a widow or widower it’s important to showcase our comfortable non-intimidating setting so that these people can feel like they can come aboard, and interact with numerous people who have shared the same experiences, as well as create new ones together. With the old glories being some of the most passionate television viewers we would like to run our ad during the afternoon, and evening on channels such as, GSN (Game Show Network), ABC, NBC, CBS, and Travel channel, for studies have shown that most of their viewing is of game shows, talk shows, and soaps.

Our commercial will feature a Cruise Line called Escape. Our Cruise line titled ‘Escape’ features a fully stocked bar, dance area, lounge, dinner amenities, four star cabin service, play area for children, and a full range of luxury shopping for the guests. The commercial will basically illustrate that the Cruise Line is an Escape from the everyday monotony of life. There will be a fun pop track playing and a tag line will come on in the end as the music crescendos. It will say ‘What’s your Adventure?’ and then transition to the cruise liner title: Escape Cruise Line established 2017. The commercial will be essentially within 30 seconds long to avoid boring the viewers.

I believe this will work well on our TrendSetter generation because they are the driven type of people who have worked very hard in their youth attain their

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