One Of The Primary Functions Of Any Government Is To Provide

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One of the primary functions of any government is to provide for its national security. Through diplomatic and legislative efforts, the U.S. government protects its citizens from foreign adversaries, both at home and abroad. This concept of national security, however, is not limited to obvious threats to the homeland by enemy combatants. There are other, more deceptive ways in which the national security of the United States can be subverted or influenced. One of those ways is through immigration, which can have broad-ranging effects on the economy, unemployment, crime levels, and cultural identity of the nation. The current state of immigration law in the U.S. is dismal. The prospect of literally walling off the borders is hyperbolic and…show more content…
President Trump campaigned on the promise to build a border wall with Mexico, and to have Mexico pay for it. The proposed wall would cost nearly $22 billion, stretch 1250 miles of rugged desert landscape, and take over three years to build (Goins-Phillips, 2017). It is understandable why President Trump sees this as the only course of action to mitigate illegal immigration. From 1993-2004, illegal immigration numbers rose from 4.3 million to 9.3 million immigrants, a majority of whom entered the U.S. from the southern border and are either Mexican or from other Latin-American nations (Wolf, n.d.). Border patrol units stationed on the southern border are grossly ineffective at stopping this influx of illegals. Add to the situation the practice of “sanctuary cities”, where certain municipalities and counties within the U.S. are refusing to enforce the federal immigration law by refusing to turn over illegal immigrants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Overall, a border wall will only mitigate part of the problem. It won’t tackle the issue of what to do with illegal aliens already in the country and it won’t account for immigrants who either use a different means of entering the U.S. or are crafty enough to circumvent the wall. What needs to happen is actual enforcement of current immigration law. The first step is to dis-incentivize illegal immigration in the first place. Change public policy in such a way that it is no
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