One On-One Interview Essay

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When I walked into the audition room at Six Flags my hands and legs shaking with nerves. I could see bright orange posters and signs posted all around informing readers about Fright Fest and that auditions were going on. I slowly walked over to the check in table and told the middle-aged woman my name when she asked. She gave me three papers to fill out and told me to sit and wait for my one-on-one interview. A brown-haired man in his late twenties to early thirties walked into the room and called my name. I got up and went with him into the next room where we sat and he proceeded to ask me questions such as why do I want to work there, if I ever had a job before, as well as multiple what-if scenarios to see how I would handle guests or…show more content…
My job was to hand out candy, usually to young children, but to anyone who had bought a white bag for a dollar and therefore contributing to charity donations. A couple weeks before when I had started training for my job, I was told by multiple people not to hand out candy to anyone unless they had a white bag. I made sure to follow that rule along with all the other rules, so that I wouldn’t get into trouble or get fired. It was rare for an adult to purchase a candy bag, but on multiple occasions I was asked by parents if they could have some candy. I would politely tell them that I am not allowed unless they have a bag. Every time they would accept my response and not give me any trouble although some would frown at me and sigh. The adults would never give me very much trouble and I had come to expect a certain level of respect and kindness from them. This day, I was assigned the last stop on the trail, which was painted as a mine for my coal miner character. I walked into the small, cramped, shed-like room which had all the costumes, and choose a red and brown flannel with a small-brimmed brown hat to wear. It was so cold that day that I had also worn gloves, earmuffs under my hat and a plain black sweatshirt under my costume. I went out and set up my station by going into a small brown shed and grabbing a couple of big boxes filled with the type of candy I was assigned to give out that day, which was
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