Essay on One-Party State: Texas vs. Oklahoma

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Describe the history of Texas as a one-party state. Texas: For over a 100 years Texas was a one-party state of Democrats (Munisteri). Republicans did not have a chance until Abraham Lincoln who was against slavery and defended the Union during the Civil War. During this time before Republicans took over Texas was free-willed and won majority of seats in the race and had all seats in Legislature. One of the best ways to describe this era was best stated by Author Steven, “developed a free spirit, a pride in self-reliance and a work ethic that is still unmatched today “Early Texans lived, loved and died entirely by their own efforts without relying on government to fulfill their needs. Just like modern Texans, early settlers believed in …show more content…
In addition the most prominent people to support the Democrat Part come from Little Dixie as well. What were some of the ramifications of one-party rule?
After researching and reading articles on Texas and Oklahoma one-party states, I came to the conclusion that the consequences would be harsh, or were harsh. It would make these states communist. Meaning government control all even the way citizens live and operate. They became robotic.

What caused the rise of a two-party system in Texas?
The division of ideas led to the creation of the two-party system. The main issue between the two parties was how they believed the Constitution should be read and interpreted. When George Washington was president he assigned to people to his cabinet. Hamilton and Jefferson both which seen differences in the constitution. One believe that so of the constitution was good the other believe that some of it was inappropriate. This cause a rift and a split into a two-party system (AP U.S. History Notes).
Why do some people (including your professor) believe that Texas is once again a one-party state?
Texas: For many and many that sit down and speak on Texas and its politics see that Republicans run everything to see how everything that the President promotes they reject and are successful. The cost of living, the assistance giving to the needy
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