One Size Fits All Schooling

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James Clabo
Period 7
March 30, 2016
One-Size-Fits-All Schooling

Common Core, most people don 't even know what it is; but they should. It 's the plan our government created in order to bring "the same standard" to each and every public school in America. Sounds great, right? Truth be told, there is simply no better way to evaluate teachers and reward successful schools then by using a single national standard that they can be held up to. Nevertheless, there is more to education than just evaluating teachers, and comparing schools to one another. Every child deserves an individualized education that caters to their needs as a learner, and helps them grow as an independent human being in this changing world.

When the federal government
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Sadly, it 's not that simple; we do not yet know what the best approach at educating children is.

However, common core is not the answer. In an age where people 's lives are becoming increasingly diverse, and technology is made to give an individualized experience; it does not make any sense for American education to become more one-size-fits-all.

No Child Left Behind programs were a reasonable reaction to the appalling literacy and graduation rates, but since school funding was directly tied to students ' performance on federally administered tests, helping children develop sound reasoning skills took a back seat to teaching students how to specifically do well on high stakes tests by getting the correct answers. In an attempt to fix this problem Common Core was born, and with it more standardized testing as well. Much to our dismay, we can now see that the teaching methods used throughout Common Core Curricula are ineffective and harmful to the development of young students.

Likewise, Common Core de-emphasizes correct answers by awarding kids for reasoning, even when they do not fully understand how to get the correct answer. A video went viral online that showed Karen Lamoreaux, a worried mom, complaining to the Arkansas Board of Education about how Common Core is teaching children. She read to the Board this question: "Mr. Yamato 's class has 18 students. If the class counts around by a
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