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One Smooth Stone By Elaine White Stevens-Henager College December 21, 2013 One Smooth Stone One Smooth Stone is a business-theater company that businesses contract with to help deliver a particular message for items such as a new product launch, a business-wide initiative, or a special sales event. Everyone in the company works together to meet client needs, which are often changing with regards to time, competition, and other factors. The company does not "pretend to have a prepackaged solution," but instead works with each client individually to determine the perfect idea and then deliver on it. One Smooth Stone hosts a diverse clientele whose needs vary widely. One Smooth Stone does contract out to other companies or freelance…show more content…
Other values that are important to the company are mutual trust, ethicality, hard work, and freedom to think outside the box so they can get the job done the correct way and have fun doing it. An example of “smart” is receiving the best techniques, resources, and choosing the overall strategy for the client. A sample of “fast” would be making sure everything is up to date with current events and getting the project done in a timely manner. And “kindness” is telling us to be respectful to others like coworkers, clients, contractors and client representatives. Clients who use One Smooth Stone to head up the production and presentation of their events need to receive a measurable return on investment (ROI), first from the event, and therefore also from One Smooth Stone. One Smooth Stone listens to their clients or customer’s needs. They make the event or production educational, interesting and entertaining to the audience including a strong message for the audience also. The two important elements are education and entertainment. OSS hires only skilled workers who are able to adapt to changes to their environment and deal with problems in a productive and efficient way. The end result is OSS wants to give everyone of their clients their monies worth. If they cannot deliver what they promise they would lose their business, in which would be

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