One Stage Onward

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John Stuart Mill’s autobiography, “A Crisis in My Mental History. One Stage Onward”, discusses his own philosophy on life and happiness. He was never undecided on the old philosophy of happiness until his philosophy’s creation. His philosophy is that happiness is obtained during the journey and not at the end of it. He believes that focusing on something other than happiness; things like “the happiness of others, on the improvement of mankind, even on some art or pursuit.” He states that if one questions there happiness, then they’ll break their immersion. To solve this, they must get rid of their “self-interrogation”, “scrutiny”, “self-consciousness”. In doing so, one can truly embrace their own happiness without a doubt in mind. He ends it…show more content…
It is where you give money for goods, time for experience, and life for death. This is shown in many events of achieving happiness. A man by the name of Johnny Barnes has given his time of spreading cheer to the people of Bermuda. His face is always shining with smiles of love for the people, and he believes that he is meant to share God's love as he states in the 2011 documentary, Mr. Happy Man. This event shows a man who has given his pursuit of his own personal happiness for the happiness of others. The end result is the overall enrichment of joy for their lives and his. This life story has shown how giving off affection to other, will return that affection back to the radiator of love. Another life has also taken this same path, her name was Melissa Moody. She was a beautiful woman whose face was disfigured after being run over by a truck. She describes her recovery-process in the 2011 documentary film, Happy, that she instead of trying to making herself feel better, she tried to enrich the lives of her children. The outcome of this was, instead of grief for her disfigurement, a pleasant period for her children and herself. This event was the catalyst of this woman’s happiness in her life. It has helped her in her own happiness. This example of a crautestractic event’s aftermath has shown instead of focusing on one’s happiness is less effective than focusing on other’s happiness. These two events of
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