One Stop Deca Shoppe Case Summary

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The biggest challenge we find ourselves with is the sales towards the end of the year. In 2015 we had a little trouble getting rid of the clothing lines from that year to make room for the stores new lines in 2016. A change the staff will be making is seasonal clothing sales on sweatpants, sweatshirts, jackets, mittens and hats when spring time comes around. This is so customer feel an impulse buy when they see the sale and come back the following year for the new clothing line as well.

PI: Evaluate Pricing Decisions
Using the example “slushies”, the store did the best it could with increasing profits made. For years the slushie income was barely breaking even, until this year. This year the school store decided to try something new to increase the profits on slushies and it worked. As slushies are the number one selling item in the store, it was a smart decision to focus on increasing profits for them.
Standard 7: Distribution/ channel management
PI: Complete inventory counts
The Rogers One Stop DECA Shoppe conducts inventory through a newly
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To prevent further shrinkage within the store inventory the school store managers have implemented rules and protocols to decrease these situations. The school store managers have put in place a no sample rule to ensure that no profit is lost due to school store employees giving away an unnecessary amount of samples. The school store is also armed with a security camera as well as at least two school store employees at all times which has deterred all theft entirely. If there were to be a complication with theft, the school store manager and chapter advisor has access to the video footage of the school store where they can investigate the theft immediately. The issue of damage is the most problematic of the three, when a product is damaged, the store will offer a refund to the customer. Depending on the level of damage to the product will determine
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