One Strike and You Are Out. Athletes Caught Using Illegal Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Given a Life Time Ban.

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One strike and you are out. Athletes caught using illegal performance enhancing drugs should be given a life time ban. Athletes caught with illegal performance enhancing drugs should be given a life time ban. Performance enhancing drugs is used for increasing your skills and ability. It helps you become strong in no time and without any pressure but athletes with drugs can lead to serious health problems and can ruin the importance of sport. These drugs can benefit athletes and harm them at the same time. Athletes who use drugs in sport make their lives much easier. It helps boosts up their concentration to think and react quickly to objects such as hitting the ball in time when playing tennis. What is wrong with taking drugs? They’re…show more content…
The aim of sport is to play fair and to have fun. When playing on a sport field, everyone is treated equivalently. If drugs were used by athletes the only thing they use it for, is to win. Winning isn't everything. Sport is more of a way to show off your talents and skills, not to be a lazy sloth and take drugs. More importantly is that you should keep your body healthy naturally and rewarding yourself with all the hard workouts. Performance enhancing drugs are addictive and can cause many health issues. Excess use can lead simply to death and coma. Do you want random crap shoved into your body? Working hard and developing your muscles naturally is much better than inserting artificial hormones which can destroy the body slowly. Your minds will be infected with anger and can make you rage and become extremely violent as if you just became the new Incredible HULK. Performance enhancing drugs are too risky for athletes to take. Athletes are big role models for young children. Someday children will want to become like their sport hero. When an athlete uses drugs people will be inspired by them and they will start consuming them. Robert Housman, JD of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy said "Stars who use these dangerous drugs set a deadly example for children." Drugs in sport reflect drug uses in society especially kids. In my opinion athletes caught with illegal performance enhancing drugs should be given a lifetime ban. It
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