One Summer: a Narrative Story

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A cool November wind was blowing and Brittlyn Jacobs pulled her blanket tighter around her shoulders as she stared out over the water of Wilmington North Carolina. Earlier when she had arrived, there had been a few people strolling along the river walk, but most had taken note of the cool winds coming in from the north and were long since gone. Now she found herself alone beside the river, and she took in her surroundings. Wilting azaleas and cherry blossoms lined the river, and their reflection shimmered in the shallow water along the shore. Heavy clouds were beginning to descend and fog was forming, the horizon would soon be invisible. In any other place, at another time, she would have felt the splendor of the beauty around her but as…show more content…
She was dressed in a pair of khaki pants that hugged her hips just right, a fitted, but not too tight navy blue polo, matching heals and a string of sapphire colored pearls that hung loosely around her neck. “Hi daddy!” she said throwing her arms around him and placing a kiss on his cheek. “Well hello princess,” he said grasping her hands and stepping back to take a look, “don’t you look pretty.” He stepped back towards his daughter and gently kissed her forehead. “I thought you were going to the game.” “I am as soon as the car gets here, you almost missed me.” Brittlyn frowned at her father and stuck her bottom lip out as if to pout. John chuckled at the look on his daughter’s face. “And where do you think you are going this evening young lady?” he said trying to imitate a stern voice. “Well I was hoping I could go with you” she smiled back up at him. “John,” a voice called and both Brittlyn and her father turned toward the man standing by the door “your car’s here”. “Come on” John said grabbed Brittlyn’s hand and started for the door. “Now you two have a nice night” the man said as the two walked out of the hotel toward the awaiting car. Mitchell Wilkinson paced the locker room. The gray tile that covered the concrete floor began to blur beneath his feet. Tonight was the biggest rivalry game in the history of North

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