One True Hero in Ree Dolly´s Winter´s Bone Essay

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Throughout this semester we have analyzed many tales revolving around different “heroes” and their accomplishments. Our first “hero” was Ree Dolly in an independent film called Winter’s Bone, she had to find her father in order to keep the land her family lived on. The next hero was Chris McCandles from Into the Wild who was sick of living within the boundaries of normal life and wanted to go somewhere where he could truly live. Then, we had Juror #8 from 12 Angry Men who is put up to the task of persuading a jury to save a boy’s life. Lastly, we have Abdulrahman Zeitoun from Zeitoun who has to overcome the challenges of his ethnic background to be free.
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The other three men have responsibilities and motivations but nothing so burdening or meaningful as Ree has. McCandles is out surviving in the wilderness by his own choice, meaning this wasn’t an unexpected turn in his life and he’s alone so he has no one to worry about besides himself. He is doing this just for himself, the only motivations he has are selfish.
Zeitoun’s life is in danger and he got put in prison without any sort of warning but he’s also alone; he is concerned with getting himself out. He want to do this so he can see his family again but this is another selfish motivation. His family will be safe with or without him, he won’t be doing them any greater good by seeing him. Juror 8 is trying to save the accused’s life which is no small feat, but he won’t lose anything if he doesn’t succeed; he is also trying to save just one life. His motivations are never made crystal clear. He does state though that he doesn’t think that the boy should die unless there is not a shred of doubt that the boy could be innocent (Rose). A fair justice system is a noble goal but in reality, it’s not realistic, making his goal impractical. Ree Dolly had to give the most for her cause. She faced her neighbors who wanted nothing to do with her or her dad. She was beaten for asking questions that she had to ask. Thorton threatened to take her life if she kept up with her pursuit of her father (Granik). But she still carried on despite these obstacles, she was

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