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I chose to do my nonfiction reading analysis on the first article, On Trump’s Syria Strategy, One Voice Is Missing: Trump’s. When doing critical analysis the reader normally asks themselves four essential questions. What is being said (the subject)? To whom is it being said (the audience)? How is it being said (the style)? Why is it being said (the purpose)? In my essay, I will answer these four essential questions and add a little bit of my own input and thoughts on this article. The subject of this article is fairly easy to determine. This article talks about Donald Trump's silence on the situations with Syria. It is stated in the article that “Mr. Trump has done little to clarify how he will proceed after firing Tomahawks at a Syrian air base in retaliation for the chemical attack”. America has just attacked Syria and Donald Trump has said nothing about what he will do next, the article's main points are centered around that. The purpose of this article is to inform, not to persuade or to entertain. The purpose of this article is to inform the American people that we have bombed Syria and that our president has made no comments, statements, or has even addressed this…show more content…
This article is placed in The New York Times, a popular place for Americans to get their daily news. So this article is targeted at the American citizens who keep up with the current news and stay up to date on what is happening in their country. Ever since Donald trump has been elected president the people of America always want to know what he has done or said because he has a history or doing and saying some pretty rash things. On the contrary, this article has told people that he has not said anything pertaining to the situations in Syria. This is certainly an odd occurrence that our normally outspoken president would remain so silent on a topic that is so
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