One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo 's Nest And Shutter Island

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In both films, One Who Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Shutter Island, lobotomies are used as the last resort in attempts to heal both of the main characters’ mental instability – Randle McMurphy played by Jack Nicholson and Teddy Daniels played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The only difference is that McMurphy is forced to undergo a lobotomy and the mental institution never asked for his permission, while Daniels voluntarily agreed to a lobotomy. A lobotomy is neurosurgical operation in which a blade is inserted into the brain to separate and cut certain nerve fibers in the frontal lobes of the brain. Because of the nature of interfering and severing important nerves in the brain, patients who undergo such drastic surgery never have the same control over their body again, as seen with McMurphy’s character when he lays lifeless on his bed. Therefore, there are moral and ethical considerations regarding lobotomies. In the 1930’s when lobotomies were first introduced, one of the main U.S. supporters of this procedure, neurologist Walter F. Freeman travelled throughout the world to advertise the positive effects of this new procedure. He even cited a study where thirteen of twenty patients’ conditions supposedly improved after their lobotomies (Lerner 1). There was opposition from other neurologists as they saw the after-effects of the lobotomy performed on one of the Kennedy children – Rosemary Kennedy (Goldberg 1). After the surgery, she was not able to coherently articulate herself

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