One in Three Women

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One in three women in their lifetime will be experience domestic violence ( Statistically, if a child was brought up in a home with domestic violence, she is more likely to be in an abusive relationship later in life. The definition for abuse and criminal conviction is touching another person in a rude, insolent or angry manner under the Wyoming Statute 6-2-501 of Assault and Battery. The cycle of life to some women consists of abuse which involves more than just a daily beating. These women have simple freedoms taken away from them which is a tactic of control from their abuser. We have certain freedoms that most of us expect and do not appreciate within our lives. These women are not given freedoms most of us enjoy.…show more content…
My clients have always mentioned the good in their relationship which doesn’t ever outweigh the bad parts of their relationships. This cycle doesn’t ever stop until the abuser moves on to a new victim or has completed his control over his present victim. The client which I mentioned earlier has told me that she is still being harassed by her abuser even though their relationship officially ended a year and six months ago. I have mentioned to my client that she should report these incidents because they are criminal in nature, but she won’t because she still lives in fear that he will abuse her. The abuse didn’t stop by ending the relationship and the mental anguish still continues. Survivors of domestic violence each have their own personal accounts of the abuse they withstood, but the thing is that all of these stories follow similar guidelines. There is in fact the honeymoon, then the tension builds and escalates into violence. It is very predictable, but no one wants to be told the truth about the ugliness that is about to happen in their life. They have already lived a nightmare and cannot begin to fathom that it could get much worse. Survivors of domestic violence have to retrain themselves to live their own life and to make their own decisions. This process is rather difficult and the severity is dependent on the level of abuse they endured. Being
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