Essay on One of the Largest Islands in the Caribbean: Jamaica

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Xamayca, also known as Jamaica, is one of the largest Islands in the Caribbean. In this essay I found some pretty interesting things I didn’t know about Jamaica. I hope you read and enjoy it as much as I did researching and writing about one of the most visited countries. It originally home was the home of the Arawak and Taino Indians. They were mostly an agriculturally based society that grew corn, sweet potatoes, cotton, and tobacco. However, their lives were forever altered after Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1494 during his second voyage. Originally, he had heard that Jamaica was the land of gold, but soon thereafter he found out that there was no gold whatsoever on the island. Columbus thought the Indians were…show more content…
The economy of Jamaica is very diverse, even for being an island. Some of the primary industries that help make up the economy include agriculture, ranching, fishing, forestry, tourism, and mining. Sugar is the leading export crop, and is produced mainly on plantations that are organized around modern sugar factories. Also there are many farmers that are also independent growers of Sugar as well. As recently as 2000, raw sugar production was estimated at 175,000 tons, which was down from 290,000 tons in 1978. Sugar is still Jamaica's largest agricultural export, which earned them $66 million in 2001. Sugar is also used in the production of molasses (79,653 tons in 2002) and rum (24.2 million liters in 2002). Other items produced and exported are coffee, bananas, fruits, and yams. In Jamaica, ranching consists mainly of the raising of cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens. In addition, they also have dairy farms that make enough dairy products to supply their entire country. Also, fishing in Jamaica is a large industry that started back with the natives using it to be a source of food. Since the 1980s, the island’s fishing industry has developed enough that they no longer need to import fish to keep up with the tourist industries demand. Not to be forgotten, the lumber industry makes up a part of Jamaica’s industry as well. There are 120,000 acres that make up the forest, and only 20% of the forest is used for cutting to make timber and

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