One-sided Reporting from Sports Media

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In 2003, members of the Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), released a report indicating that the current landscape of the sports media world was “shamelessly one-sided reporting, obvious speculation, and bald editorializing” (Onion, 2003, para 2). The 255 page report goes on to discuss how hometown newspapers and media outlets often times had positive images with the team in a moment of glory and the columns would overplay the wins and downplay the losses. The FAIR report (2003) describes the current state of sports journalism as irresponsible and pervasive, which goes against all of the ethics in balanced journalism. The statements above indicate that sport journalist have become puppets for their local teams. This movement has decreased the credibility of many sport reporters to the point that many fans may not even believe what the journalist is reporting. There are many reasons for this biasedness and it does not seem like there will be an end. Biased is defined as having an unfair tendency to believe that someone or something are better or worse than others (Webster’s, n.d.). Taking this definition and implementing it to our topic of sport media bias, it would be defined as; writers or broadcasters who have unfair loyalties or dislike toward a particular team, player or organization. There may be different sources of bias such as pressure from the editor to write positively about the team, the need to keep sources happy, the need to keep fans happy or loyalty
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