One specific issue that has been associated with globalization that caught my eye was with Peru.

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One specific issue that has been associated with globalization that caught my eye was with Peru. Peru used to be a third-world country that was populated with poverty and repression. Today, Peru is now changing into a rising nation and is becoming more popular. Peru is now on the rise is because globalization raised the human development index, authorized women, and shaped a stronger country and government. Today, we consider The Human Development Index to be a dimension of a country’s social, political, and economical growth in contrast to other countries around the world. In 1975, Peru’s Human Development Index was a 0.643, but by 2003 the Human Development Index had increased to 0.762. By seeing the HDI increase by more than one tenth…show more content…
Nobody is born into a perfect life, as for people in Peru. It is true that there is sometimes a harm of culture when it is connected with globalization. However, we do forget that not all countries are good and deserving of freedom. For example, in the past in China if a girl was born it was very common she would be murdered because in the Chinese culture they thought that only boys had a purpose for China and benefited their country. The population of China didn’t necessarily want a variety of people within in their country let alone gender equality. The government should not have to force population because everybody has their flaws and differences. Globalization shows that countries can be independent and encourages independence and free will for citizens. Globalization had a positive impact but it also had a negative impact on some citizens. For examples, some males did not embrace women’s freedom in Peru because they believed that the only place women belonged was in their home as a wife and a mother. Peru had another negative reaction towards globalization. Citizens didn’t embrace globalization in Peru because when the poverty level decreased, more people moved into the middle class, who mad the wealthy upper class respond negatively. The wealthy upper class responded with protests and opposed the impacts of globalization when those effects began
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