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In a traditional setting, a student can physically talk to their instructor about the subject they are going over in class. They also have physical classmates that they can turn to when discussing about certain topics or they can even get together on certain assignments. A traditional class setting is best for someone who works better in an environment that does not feel isolated and would prefer to have their instructor right in their view so they can ask about anything related to the class. However this setting wouldn't work too well for someone who has a full time job or a family because they are held to time constraints and they have to revolve their schedule around the time they have to be in class. While some people can pull it off, others don't have that luxury. Most people have jobs that won't allow them to be on a school schedule so they can attend classes. This is why more adults or non-traditional students attend online programs because they feel it suits their needs.…show more content…
Online classes are best for people who feel they can produce better work in an isolated environment with no instructor or classmates directly in front of them. This also benefits more for people with full time jobs or other commitments that would prevent them from going to the classroom. Now the downside to this is that you have more temptation to be distracted from doing your work. Since you do practically all your assignments online, it's real easy to go right onto social media sites such as Facebook and see what everyone else is doing. If you plan on doing an online based program, you have to have a lot of self-control and will power to keep from going onto other sites not related to your
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