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Literature Theoretical Perspective This study centers upon the role academic advising has upon the development of students, as they matriculate through their college experience. Sociocultural theory as first developed by Vygoksky (1978) will be utilized in order to better understand how this social activity is coupled to the growth of the individual. “The most fundamental concept of sociocultural theory is that the human mind is mediated” (Lantolf, 2000, p. 1) as opposed to other views of human cognitive development through passive stimuli of the physical world (Vygotsky, 1986). The goal is to explain how an individual can become empowered towards higher psychological functioning and Tappan (1997) further elaborates upon this idea…show more content…
The term involvement is rooted deeply in behavior and how the individual expresses oneself through action. The theory has five basic postulates: 1. “Involvement refers to the investment of physical and psychological energy in various objects.” (p.519) 2. Involvement can thought to reside on a continuum, differing between students as well as in the same student at different times. 3. There are both quantitative and qualitative aspects to this quality. 4. Educational Program(Student learning ⊌ Personal Development) ∝ Quality, Quantity and Involvement 5. Effectiveness of any educational program is directly related to its ability at fostering involvement. This focus on involvement can be observed by behaviors. Behaviors that are available for direct observation and measurement. Understanding these permit one to address how they result in personal development. Differing levels of this involvement result in difference with regard to developmental outcomes (A. W. Astin, 1977, 1993). This theory makes the claim that students learn by becoming involved (A. W. Astin, 1985, 1999) and can be used to increase overall academic achievement. Academic advising will be seen to be a developmental activity; therefore, having an understanding of how involvement is a pre-requisite for an effective program will be necessary when designing this service. As they participate in their educational planning, it should be seen that these students are better able to obtain their
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