Online Activities And Social Media

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People should expect no privacy when it comes to their online activities. Companies like Facebook, Myspace and Google collect data on their users and sell it to advertisers. Advertisers then begin targeting social media users who match their profiles with online ads. As a user of social media, I often do online research on a particular topic or item I’m looking to buy to compare features and learn more about it. The next time I check my yahoo mail account, the side banner advertisements have all the items that I’ve recently searched online. It’s creepy. Social media users seem to have a false sense of privacy because it feels somewhat anonymous. It is anything but anonymous. Even the government is involved in monitoring the activities of internet users, especially social networking sites like Facebook. Consumers are willing to post personal information, photos, use their credit cards on ‘secure sites’ and by doing so, they are allowing their information to be data mined. Emails are not private either and can be mined for personal data to steal or advertising to target what we discuss in emails (Lawrence & Weber, 2014). What really frightens me is the staying power of our online identities. As teenagers and young adults fill their social media accounts with raucous pictures and rebellious statements, they don’t realize that potential employers and universities will have access to the foolishness of their youth. Expect no privacy and be cautious of what you post because it
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