Online Advertising As An Advertising Medium

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1. Introduction
The rapid growth of information technology has enhanced the importance of online advertising. The importance of the Internet as an advertising medium has generated a lot of attention in recent years. With the growth of internet usage from few years, increase the trend of shopping online (James et al, 2016). Nowadays, many companies are more concerning about how to attract customers to increase their revenue and become a leader in competitive market. So they move towards online advertisements as many people spend more time for suffering on internet. Moreover, online advertising become popular in early 20th century in United States. It changed the dimension of growth and competition between online marketers. However, there are some challenges which customers have to face while doing online shopping such as there is lack of reliability (Parul, 2016). Each year many websites are created to cater and organized the rising demand of online services which include online shopping. This is the comfortable means of shopping in terms of saving time and comparing many things at one place. At first, when this trend came into existence, it is not so popular and it was only seen in some developed countries. But the increase of usage of internet, the trend of online shopping has increased among various countries.

2. Objectives
The objectives for our research are as follows:
• To study the relationship between consumer buying decision and online advertising
• To analyse…
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