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1.1 Background of the Study
Internet auctions appeared on the scene in the mid 1990s, and quickly became one of the most successful applications of electronic commerce. EBay, the premier consumer-to-consumer (C2C) Internet auction site, is generally held up as an exemplar for the industry. However, it is widely predicted that the potential transaction volume in business-to-business (B2B) auctions will be much greater than in the C2C channel (Keenan, 2000; Rosenthal, 2002).

In the B2B marketplace, auctions were initially pressed into service as tools to dispense with excess inventory. The current wave of B2B integration represents a much deeper integration of auction technology into the daily operations of
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The system automatically rejects un-authenticated users who try to bid or sell at the site.
Register Products - This module is for presenting items for bidding. Only those who have registered and authenticated as sellers can place their articles for bidding. The Module collects information like Product Name, Product Details, Starting Bid amount, Incremental value etc. The system automatically inputs the closing date.
Bidding Module - The module is for bidding on any selected item. The bidder has to authenticate before participating in bidding. The system checks whether the incremental amount entered by the bidder is equal or more than the incremental minimum set during the product registration time. The system places the record in the bid history against the bidder account.
My Auction - This page is an interface for both buyer and seller. Buyer can see the profile of the bidding history of items which are still open on which he/she has already bided. Similarly, the seller can see the progress of bidding on articles he/she has placed for bidding.
Feedback - The purpose of the page is to send messages/comments to the web administrator.
FAQ - This page is for first time users of the site. The page will provide answers to questions that are common and frequently asked.
WebAdmin - This link opens to the administration module that is open to web administrator only. Here site administrator can add product categories and can edit product information
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