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BBT 3105: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Faculty of Information Technology Jilani Thomas Mwangolo BBIT3: 049834 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 3 1.1. Background Information 3 1.2. Research Problem 3 1.3. Objectives 4 1.3.1 Project Objectives 4 1.3.2 System Objectives 4 1.4. Significance of the Study 5 2. LITERATURE REVIEW 6 2.1. Online Banking 6 2.2. History of Online Banking 6 2.3. General Statistics 7 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. Background Information Jumuia Bank is a renowned bank in Kenya which has over 46 branches nationwide in Kenya. Its headquarters is located in Nairobi in Hurlingham, Lenana Road, Jumuia house, third floor. In each province, there at least 5 branches, so its network is quite large and well…show more content…
Rather than the usual process, this system aims to actually allow customers interested in opening up an account with a bank to do so online. Other than accessing their account details on the mobile phone (a system that’s already been implemented), it also aims to allow registered customers to check their account details online-their balance and transactions carried out in given time periods. 2. LITERATURE REVIEW (The wider scope of my research is the internet banking, rather the online banking, but I’ve narrowed the scope to account opening and registration. Further on, I will do more research on implementing online banking as a whole, but for this proposal, my focus is on account opening.) This chapter seeks to say what other researchers have written about this field of study. It seeks to fill find literature that will fill the gap that has not been filled before. 2.1. Online Banking According to Wikipedia, Online banking (or Internet banking) allows customers to conduct financial transactions on a secure website operated by their retail or virtual bank, credit union or building society. 2.2. History of Online Banking ( The concept of online banking as we know it today dates back to the early 1980s, when it was first envisioned and experimented with. However, it was only in 1995 (on October 6, to be exact) that Presidential Savings Bank first announced the facility for regular client

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