Online Banking in Bangladesh

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Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction Internet Banking is growing popular day by day in Bangladesh. A number of private as well as local banks are going online now considering the demand and necessity of fast banking. Internet banking not only provides banking facility round the clock but also helps a country to get attached to the international economy as well as business. People throughout the world are now getting engaged with more activity and business and hence need the fast and anytime access to his/her bank account. Internet banking also facilitates buying and selling various products which varies country to country. In Bangladesh many banks have launched Internet Banking. Amongst those HSBC, City Bank, BRAC Bank, Bank Asia, Jamuna Bank,…show more content…
Chapter 2 2. Conceptual issues 2.1 Online Banking Banks are considering online banking as a powerful “value added” tool to attract and retain new customers while helping to eliminate costly paper handling and teller interactions in an increasingly competitive banking environment. Online banking (Internet banking) is a term used for performing transactions, payments etc. over the internet through a bank’s secure website. This is very useful especially outside banking hours. In most cases a web browser such as Internet explorer or Netscape Navigator is utilized and any normal internet connection is suitable. No special software or hardware is usually needed. 2.2 The History of Internet Banking The idea of Internet Banking came with the rise of users of the internet and with the development of the World Wide Web. The programmers have been working on data bases of banking transactions long ago and an idea of online banking transactions had evolved at that time in the early 1980’s. New technologies and the advancement of computer devices created an opportunity to start a new trend of online shopping. Online Shopping or shopping from the website using the internet promoted the use of credit cards. To facilitate online shopping date ware housing or date storage facilities were used. During the development of the Automatic Teller Machines or ATMs the development of the databases of banking transactions were
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