Online Barmy Online Roulette Myths That Need Dispelling

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Blog 31 – Barmy online roulette myths that need dispelling No other online casino game quite sells glamour like online roulette. The drama of the spinning wheel is almost unmatched no matter where it is you choose to play. While the appeal of online roulette is clear for all to see, it seems that over the years several ridiculous myths have been attached to the game. Many of these myths are simply barmy in nature and need dispelling. Thankfully, we have done our research and are finally able to address several roulette ubran legends, hopefully putting them to bed once and for all. Myth 1 – All roulette wheels are the same It is ridiculous that in 2015 that some players still believe this. Online roulette is now a game that comes in…show more content…
Being more specific, the green slot means that a 50/50 bet will never ever be possible no matter how many number combinations you utilise. Myth 3 – Mathematics is the key to online roulette success People like to compare online roulette to the likes of blackjack and poker in the sense that they feel a mathmatical approach can lead to victory. The problem is that mathematics holds not grounds within the game of online roulette and holds no ground as far as stratergy is concered. There is no data that you can analyse or startergy that you can implemenet that is going to change the fact that online roulette is a luck based game and little more. Myth 4 – You can trick an online casino through offset bets No matter what any online roulette betting strategy tells you, there is no way to trick the game or the casino to improve your level of profit. The common myth attached to such relates to using offset bets, with the idea being that you will win more. For example, you choose to be £15 on evens, then you bet £10 odds, coming to a £25 total. The myth is that this will create enough of an offest on the odds that no matter the outcome you will come out with profit in hand. While in the world of sports betting their could be an argument for such startergy, it relates to nothing but nonsense in the world of online roulette. Myth 5 – Money management methods can affect the house edge The final myth on this countdown is probably the easiest
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