Online Buying At The Internet Stores

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Online purchasing is the customer’s activity to place an order and make a payment of that order. It is found to be strongly associated with the traits of personal characteristics, vendor services, product characteristics, the quality of the website, the attitude of consumers towards online shopping, their willingness to shop online, as well as the decision making (Bellman et al., 1999; Bhatnagar et al., 2000).
The willingness of the buyers to do shopping at the internet stores is referred to as their intention to shop online. Often, this factor is assessed by the willingness of the consumers to buy and to come back for making more additional purchases. This then also contributes to the customer’s loyalty. The intention of the consumer to shop online is greatly associated with their attitude towards buying from internet and influences their decision-making and purchasing behaviour (Jarvenpaa et. al., 2000). Customers have their own personal characteristics which also put an impact on their online shopping behaviour. These are such as; their knowledge of internet, their need particularity and cultural circumstances (Li et al., 1999).
Nowadays, people use internet as a daily tool to access their emails, to do their work online, to read online news, to search information, or for recreational purposes (Bellman, 2001). This routine use of the Internet by these people for other purposes leads them naturally to use it as a shopping point as well. Other factors found that put an…
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