Online Career Assessments For Grafton Consulting

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Online Career Assessments for
Grafton Consulting limited

Date: 27th October 2015

Prepared by: Anna Satanina Proposal
1. Introduction and Overview of the Project
Grafton Consulting Ltd (Grafton) is small consulting company with a large client base. Essentially they provide Human Resource solutions to their clients, both from an Organisation Design and Development point of view as well as the development of the people within these clients.
One of the teams within Grafton provides support to people with their career development, both from a proactive development and retention perspective but also assisting people leaving the client due to redundancy. This project is targeting this area of Grafton and will look to assist this team to be more cost effective and competitive in the market against their competitors.
Grafton has explored this innovation a number of times but to date have not found an off the shelf solution that meets their needs. Therefore, they have requested a bespoke web based application that will be tailored specifically to match their assessment tools and their clients’ needs.
2. Discussion of the Business Context
In terms of market position Grafton has a dominant place against its competitors, based on market share and reputation. However, they are encountering more and more requests from their clients to provide an online solution. Some of Grafton’s competitors have aligned themselves with bigger offshore organisations and…

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