Online Casino And Its Impact On The Uk

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Blog 17 – Casumo player secures £2 million Mega Fortune super jackpot The online casino landscape is exploding in 2016, as millions are now logging on to secure the very best entertainment experience that money can buy. Wagering on the Internet is now a commonplace act, with the United Kingdom proving to be a major hotbed for gambling activity. The prominence of online casino play in the UK is only cemented by the fact that brands like Casumo are looking to make it their second home. Online casinos UK are making serious industry impact; with super jackpot games drawing plenty of attention. Speaking of super jackpot games that have been garnering attention, it seems that Mega Fortune is drawing plenty of eyes. Hosted at Casumo, this…show more content…
The man from Yorkshire, who is subsequently choosing to claim his win in private, claimed the victory through a 50p investment in the game. After signing up to the online casino just days prior, this player made an online slots bow that few are ever likely to forget. Progressive Mobile Play While the massive £2,065,627 jackpot win is certainly major news, what is also interesting is how he came about winning the prize. Not going through the traditional route of playing through an web based casino, he actually claimed the prize through the Casumo mobile app. Playing the ‘Touch’ version of Mega Fortune, it only took the player a matter of moments to go from casual player to online slots legend. Given that the player was a self-proclaimed “newbie”, he had no idea that he could even claim such a major prize off such a small pay-in amount. Speaking on the win he said, “I honestly didn’t think it was real to begin with, I only paid in 50p and next thing I knew I was a millionaire. I can’t thank the guys at Casumo enough, as their mobile casino app has changed my life”. Spending the Money It hasn’t taken long for the world’s media to ask the new millionaire what he plans on spending the money on. Unsurprisingly he seems to have some big plans for the cash, “Yorkshire has some pretty big houses and I’ve always wanted to live in one of them. With this money in my account I plan on investing in one of these properties and making it home”. He also plans on taking a
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