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Blog 4 – Fresh faces arrive at Bet365 Bet365 have turned a corner and are rightfully considered to be one of the biggest online casino brands on the planet in 2015. However, they haven’t risen to such heights through chance alone, it has taken some true determination to improve their product. Part of this determination has come through increasing the size of the game catalogue, as brand new games are a must for any online casino that wants to attract an audience. Making sure that Bet365 never appears stale, they are constantly adding new names to the mix to the joy of online casino portal users throughout Europe. This November it looks like a whole new cast of games will be added to Bet365. Chiming in are games from Playtech and NetEnt, which means that quality entertainment is on the way, as players have the following titles to look forward too. Fortunate 5 You may be an experienced online slot game player, but I can assure you that will have never played an online slot game quite like this before. Playtech have gone all-in when it comes to jackpots by including access to five within Fortunate 5, hence the name. Every bet you place will give you the chance to win one of five truly monstrous jackpots, meaning that the odds of winning are better than ever when you play Fortunate 5. There is plenty to be said of the game itself too, as it feature all kinds of on-screen action in the form of Wild Waters and various free spins bonuses. Nian Nian You Yu Online casino games
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