Online Casino On The World Of Horror

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Blog 28 – Spooky slot games that have spooked us all

The world of online slots has always had a lose connection to the world of horror. Over the years many developers have looked to the world of ghosts and ghouls for inspiration, with a selection of entertaining slot games emerging because of this. Given that Friday the 13th has recently rolled around, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to delve into the archives. Through plenty of online casino portal research, we have complied a list of games that we think have spooked us all at one point or another.

Blood Suckers

NetEnt are considered one of the greatest online casino game developers in history and there is good reason for that. It seems that every single game that comes off the production line is truly immersive, Blood Suckers proved to be no exception to this. Players across of the globe were given plenty to get stuck into, this vampire inspired slots game sent chills up the spine of even the most seasoned players. Featuring five reels of blood soaked action; players can expect free spins, big jackpots, and major frights whenever they choose to spin the reels on Blood Suckers.

Victorian Villain

The Victorian-era was arguably the most frightful time in British history. If the dimly lit streets weren’t enough to scare of travellers, the presence of Jack the Ripper certainly was. The man went on a now infamous killing spree, with his true identity still not known to this day. Making sure that this period in time is not…
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