Online Class : An Emerging Form Of Learning Of The Internet Age

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Taking online class 's is an emerging form of learning of the internet age that did not really exist 20 to 30 years ago. The technology was not there before for the large scale of distanced learning allowing people that 'd previously have very limited options, the ability to learn from across the world that we can easily see from today. Many people can now learn and get many respected degrees from respected Colleges and Universities without as much of a need to be in a set classroom at a set time a few times a week, something that can be very difficult for many busy hard working adults. On the contrast of online class 's, there is the traditional Face to Face classroom setting that nearly every adult has experienced and has many developed and evolved teaching techniques for almost any student 's preferred style of learning whereas online learning may only be good for certain learning styles and not appeal so much to the older generations of students. "At Lockheed Martin, a survey of senior management and employees found that senior managers all of whom in the 40 's or preferred class learning over other forms” (Merriman, 2006). Traditional classrooms can provide students more structure than what can be provided in an online class 's that 'd require more self-discipline, but the question needing to be asked is online learning as good or even better in some respects than the traditional class structure.

Today, an increasing number of people will go and instead of commute to…
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