Online Classes Vs Traditional Classes

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Alexis Lopiccolo Mrs. Scruggs English III Honors 9 December 2015 Online vs. Traditional: Are online classes better than traditional classes? Although online classes can seem easier due to not having to deal with the physical peer pressure in a traditional schooling environment, they are not always easier. It is effective to learn in a traditional classroom, but a great aspect of online learning is not having to be face-to-face with the professor. There are many students who just simply want to learn in a comfortable and quiet environment such as their home. Online classes and traditional classes have advantages and disadvantages but how will a student know which type they will benefit from the most? Online classes tend to accumulate more work for the student and the teacher, but more work can lead to broader knowledge, highly impacting the student 's education. Students learn the information more efficiently in an online class because they are absorbing the information without the distractions. Teachers and students that get easily overwhelmed, stressed or distracted, can benefit from online classes because of the individuality it offers. However, young students tend to need other young students opinions on what they have been learning in class; forums help with that. Forums are an essential tool in online learning, but what are they? A forum is made up by the instructor and after a lesson and/or a quiz, the forum asks a few group questions that need to be
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