Online College vs. Traditional College

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Years ago, the only way to earn a degree was within the confines of a brick and mortar classroom. Today, one can earn a degree from an institution 3000 miles away, from the comfort of one's own home! While classroom learning is always an option, many are finding it much easier to maintain their family, their career and pursue a college career at the same time by pursuing a degree via online learning. Learning via traditional classroom or online is a financial, strategic and personal decision for each student. This paper will compare and contrast these two options as well as provide a discussion on the merits and drawbacks of both. I contend that for many adults, online learning is the practical way to earn a degree while still maintaining their current lifestyle. Without the option of online learning, many adults would find it logistically challenging to return to school, stalling their opportunity to earn a degree. Contrary to what some may believe, online learning doesn't equate to less work nor are the standards any lower than what one would expect from a traditional classroom environment. Online learning simply refers to the way in which the content…
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