Online Communication Essay

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Online Communication Communication via instant messaging and e-mail is far more effective than using the telephone or post office due to their speed of delivery and ability to simultaneously talk to many people. Instant messenger services have become very popular over the years, and there are currently 180 million registered users for AOL Instant Messenger alone. In some respects, e-mail is even more widespread-- people next door to each other and people across the world keep in touch and even conduct extensive business, simply by sending e-mails back and forth. There are also countless numbers of discussion forums on the internet, on topics ranging from anarchy to zoology. The internet has grown rapidly over the last two decades, and …show more content…
Talking to friends and family that are far away is even more costly. Long distance charges across the country and internationally are not cheap and unless a person is willing to pay, keeping in touch is not an easy task. On the other hand, talking to friends and family using instant messengers is easy and feasible with no extra charge.

If it had not been for the internet, it would have been nearly impossible to talk to my friends that went to other countries for the summer. I was able to talk to my friend who went to Korea, and at the same time, talk to my friend who was visiting Japan. Furthermore, it would have been hard for me to keep in touch with my friends because I moved away after high school. If I had used the telephone to communicate with my friends, I would have had a lot of considerations to keep in mind. I would have had to consider tying up the telephone line for my family and theirs, long distance charges, privacy of our conversations, and the fact that adults sleep earlier than teenagers. My family uses the telephone quite often and it would not be a good idea to be on the telephone constantly. Long distance charges would also be very expensive and being a teenager, money is hard to make and even harder to keep. Most important is the privacy of our conversations. If we were to talk on the telephone, it is
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